USuggest It is the place for you to send your suggestions to people who make things and provide you services that you think could be improved on, changed for something else, or maybe it's something completely new that you would to buy from them. Just like you the ideas you have and the suggestions you make every day, but with an extra bang. We want you to take that idea, that comment, that complaint you might have and transform it into a positive suggestion that will make the product or service manager sit up and listen. "I really like the design. Could I get it in red?"

"If you put the product in a box with a clear window in it so I can see what's inside, then I would buy it." "I can see you are really busy, which is why I weird a day for you to reply. I have been in the same position as you. Have you ever thought of doing this, and that? I think it will make your job easier and customer support better". You see, a suggestion is simply your imagination at work, your idea, written down and sent direct to the person responsible. You can even do it from your smartphone when you are in the store. Or wherever and whenever the idea comes to you. And the extra bang? You can share your suggestion on social media, so when it arrives on the person's desk, it isn't just your voice speaking, it could be your and a thousand people agreeing with you. Now that will make the person at the other end sit up and listen! There's nothing stopping you. No barriers. You suggest it! Suggest today, change tomorrow!

Why we do what we do?

We created USuggest It so consumers like you and us can have a way voice our ideas to the people responsible for the products and services we buy on matters that are important to us, like how to improve existing products, suggest new uses for existing products and create new products that we all as customers expect, demand and crave. The way we have designed Suggest It lets all of us show clearly to the people who count what we prefer buying and how we want to be served and treated. Linking suggestions with social media, where other people can see ,like and share them, we as consumers can collectively make our voice heard, with our own words. Why does this work? Because the product, brand and service managers actually want to get suggestions. In fact suggestions are critically important to them, because without suggestions they don't necessarily know what their customers want. No company wants to lose time, effort and money on doing the wrong thing. They even recognize and reward people who send in good suggestions. So you see, making a suggestion, if done right, is a win-win for everyone involved. We are just trying to make the process easier, quicker and direct. That helps in getting it done right.

How does it work?

This is the easy bit. All you have to do is register with us (it's free of course), then write in your suggestion straight away and send it. We just need you to use a #hashtag to identify the product, service, brand, company or organization that the suggestion should be sent to. We do the rest. You can select what type of suggestion it is (improve a product, suggest a new one, etc) - that makes it easier for us to sort messages out. You can also look for products and companies in the search bar on the screen; that will take you a pages where you can see suggestions you and other people have made, which you might like and share. Plus we have the usual things - personalised profile and settings, see you own suggestions. read interesting and fun articles to read about suggestions have changed, well, if not the world, then certainly what we eat and how we dress. That's it. Simple and straightforward. So we don't get in between your suggestion and the person who needs to hear it..